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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

News - Man-Faye a true Superhero

Greatest Cosplayer of all Time!

[alt source here]

Here in the states (I'm not sure about anywhere else) the SciFi channel will be running a show called Who wants to be a Superhero. I caught a preview commercial a few days ago. I saw what seemed to be--my hero--Man Faye, shaking his stuff for the audition.

Above is a video from his appearence on a Jay Leno skit.

Apparently, this isn't exactly new news. I was able to find forum post dating to at least March of this year. However, that video is so damn funny that I had to post it. It's been a while since I've seen Man Faye's gorgeously hairy flabby ass. Honestly, he has lost some ass definition since he dropped a few pounds.

I wasn't able to find a clip of him on the new SciFi show but I hope to see Man-Faye when the show airs, even if only for a short skit. I'm pretty sure from the website that he doesn't make the final cut, but that would make my year if Man Faye showed up as a contender to be a superhero.

More Man-Faye ass shaking: Motion.tv, Man-Faye Myspace

In other news: Anime nano T-shirts (I think there is one with Hung shaking it too)


J.Valdez said...

I thought I should add the google video for some background on the man-faye saga.

Man-Faye Saga