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Monday, July 31, 2006

Amaenaideyo Katsu - Fan Service Defined

When I watched the first Amaenaideyo!! it became immediately apparent. Amaenaideyo!! is all about girls with big boobies. I’m not talking about a few girls with relatively large breast. No, I’m talking about 99% of the cast having enormous breast! This show is pure fan service. Don’t watch Amaenaideyo!! expecting a deep plot; as a matter of fact, I cannot find a cohesive threat of relevant story that winds through the entire series.

Amaenaideyo Katsu, like its predecessor, is an excuse to show anime girls in compromising positions being molested by each other, ghost, and of course the male lead Ikko. Well, truthfully Ikko does more “attempted” molestation than actual, because the girls usually kick his ass to a lumpy pulp. That isn’t too unusual for this type of series, but it was one of the running gags in the show that constantly kept me amused. Ikko is actually a wimp among wimps in anime harem comedies. One starts to think that he actually enjoys being kicked in the nads.

Little Demons rock!

Hinata turned out to be one of the characters that I like the best. I usually like her particular archetype, so that wasn’t unusual. She follows in the foot steps of Rei (NEG) or Yuki (SHnY). It was a given that I would like her. None of the other characters really caught my attention. Scratch that, all of the lead female characters caught my attention at some point or another because the show takes the time to offer splash stills of each one throughout the series, and they each get a little of the ecchi treatment during the shows…even our little Hinata.

The final episode raps up what is supposed to be the “plot.” It is actually the second to last episode (12 in the Katsu arc). Episode 13 is just for fun and lays out the ecchi aspect of the show for a final hurrah for the fanboys.

Animation-wise this series went with the more classic manga style. The characters look more “cartoonish” than in some of its contemporary series. The female characters are drawn with either rather large breast or no breast at all. This show was all about extremes, it didn't seem to like the middle ground.

See, this is totally pervish...


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Anonymous said...

its does have a story line... fighting random ghosts that just happen to like getting people naked i dont think it was ever made as a serious anime its just a good laugh with some bouncing boobies in it so come on lighten up, and just laugh :D

camcam said...

I bet the women who wrote this is jealous of women with large breast or either she has small breast herself.